February 16, 2011

Getting Ticked

I went to sew the sweater together the other day. Shoulder seems fine; nothing is done to the neck hole. Nothing. It just is. I don't like this at all and really wonder who would. The front and back curl out because they are cast offs while the side curls in because it's the side of knitting. Curling is fine if that is the design and it is in this sweater there is curling where the main color is attached to the contrasting color. But in two directions? Really? I plan to pick it up and knit a few rounds then cast off so it all curls the same way.
Back to the sewing. After the shoulders I moved to setting in the sleeves when I realize there is really a big difference between the hole and the cap.
Sweater hole measuring almost 7 inches when it's flattened; hard to do while taking a pictures.
Sleeve cap measuring less than 4 inches. That's a three inch difference. That's huge. Now you know I'll admit when I screw something up. OK sometimes I blame it on the elves. But this has nothing to do with me or the elves. This is totally the pattern. I've reworked how to do the sleeves and am going at it again. Also as you can guess needing three more inches will mean more yarn that was not called for. Really not cool.

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