February 3, 2011

Ice and Snow and Ice

When it looks like this outside. Picture by The Bug. This is early on in the storm when it was still just sleet and freezing rain. Just...ha!
It's fun to get outside and do this.
It's nice to have a new pair of these.
Angee from Sock Innovations, yarn is Fibra Natura Yummy; which I think I got in Virginia in 2009 but I'm not sure and that bothers me. Really loved the yarn, loved the pattern. For some reason I tightened up quite a bit on the second sock, the right one in the picture. It's noticeably tighter, shorter and the striping in the yarn is even different. Ok it's noticeable to me.
And it's especially important to keep a kid busy with things like this.
Ice storms are the only time Mr. Gnome doesn't drive the scooter into work. This left The Bug and I stuck at home for two days. Fine by me. We really do enjoy our time at home. Above are three coffee filters painted with food coloring. We did puzzles, games, read, listened to stories, cooked. Let me just tell you how nice it is to spin while listening to the Little House on the Prairie Books. We just finished One the Banks of Plum Creek. It was also so inspiring how Ma kept the girls busy during their winter storms; just like we were doing.

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Womanji said...

The Bug takes great pictures and I love the socks.