February 6, 2011

Not Impressed

So the sweater I'm knitting is Supposed to have built in fingerless gloves. Totally part of the charm for me. I've finished the front and the back so naturally I get started on the sleeve. First the pattern tells me to start increasing after six inches. For a normal sleeve this would be fine but with the sleeve starting at mid fingers this makes the increases start at my wrists. Now my wrists happen to be the skinniest part of my arm. I do not think I am unique in this. So I adjust that to make sense and get going. As I knit I realize I'm using all of the last ball of yarn on this one sleeve. Not good. I rip it out, knit the sleeves two at a time in order to get the maximum length while using the most yarn. What should have been mid finger to mid upper arm is now wrist to just below my elbow. Not cool. So now this is just a normal sweater, no cool fingerless gloves built in. Pooooo. I have two extra skeins of the main color and will be using nearly all of it. What's up with that? Not cool patter, not cool.

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