June 23, 2011


It is so exciting to write Blueberries! Last year we didn't get to pick a single blueberry. Even after going to the farm twice we'd get there and be turned away saying they were picked out.
So this year. We got up with the sun and drove the hour to the farm and here they are blueberries in all of their glory!Naturally one must make blueberry muffins. Blueberry Oatmeal muffins to be exact.
Three and a half jars of blueberry preserves. I don't seal the half jars and one of the full jars didn't seal so only two jars are getting put up. They thickened up amazingly! I don't use pectin, really I'm just down to the fruit and lemon juice. So usually my preserves are very runny. Raspberries slightly less but blueberry wow perfection!
And the special treat; blueberry cheesecake bars. This recipe calls for 12 oz of cream cheese. I happened to have one brick and some goat cheese. Just a touch more goaty tangy deliciousness!
Of course I also froze a bit and we ate quite a bit. They are now all gone. Surprisingly Mr. Gnome couldn't stop eating them either. He's not much of a fruit snacker but something about these blueberries......


Meghan said...

so jealous! we may be the ones w/o berries this year. :( those cheesecake bars looks delicious!

jcg said...