June 1, 2011


I got this shiny stiff paper at the St Louis Teacher's Recycle Center (still reaping the crafty goodies). I thought The Bug would cut out shapes and use it in collages or something. I never thought to paint right on it. She used some foam stamps for the squares and circles. She also mixed the red and the yellow to make orange and some sparkly paint in with the yellow for added sparkle. There can never be too much sparkle if you are a six-year old girl. Now I haven't gone out and taught any color theory. I want her to feel more free from all that. When she asks what happens when one mixes two colors together I tell her to do it. She is currently out of orange paint; it is her favorite color.
I think it is pretty darn cool and more importantly so does she.

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jcg said...

Completely and totally awesome!