July 12, 2011


Oh-jah being how The Bug first pronounced Orange. Thus how we often still will say the word. Isn't funny how we silly parents do that?
Now that it is her favorite color she has no problem saying it normally. And actually gets a bit frustrated with her silly parents. Anyhoo.
Orange Jubilee to be precise. One of the patterns in June Cookie A. Sock Club. Looking lovely with the orange Zinnias.I rather think they can be called O.J., for orange juice not the supposedly not killer, The knit pearl being the ribs on a hand juicer, the cables being the juice running down.....or maybe I just over think these things.
The yarn is Hazel Knits, quite nice, this pictures is the best for color representation, those bright colors can be hard to capture. Cookie A. and Anne Hanson got to help die some of these skeins. How cool is that? August will be the next installment, just after I get back from Sock Summit. So to answer your question, no, we are no where near done with all of the socks. mwah ha ha!!!!!

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