October 15, 2011

New Madness

I finally cast on the final Sock Madness Pattern; Pisqu. I was way out by this time of course but I wanted to do the complete set. (I can stop anytime.) This is a lovely color work pattern. Lovely and the most challenging sock pattern I've ever done. Lots of all over oh wow color work. It starts with the Kihnu-Troi Cast on, the lovely braided cast on you see at the top; that's the front and back of the sock you get a braid on the inside and outside with this cast on. Lovely but wow fiddly! Then a bit later the Two-Color Vikkel Braid you see there in the middle. This was actually a bit fun if not really slow. Both very new to me and both I feel proud of the results. Now I'm just past the gusset and getting my first twinges of second sock syndrome. I will do this all again. I will have a pair of socks. I can fight this thing.

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