October 31, 2011

This is Halloween

Well really all of this was yesterday. Today we'll go trick or treating but really you can't take pictures then.
And today being a Monday means no time for scary faced pumpkin pancakes. The mouths are apple, the noses are cranberry and the eyes are chocolate chips. Scary and yummy!
After a spooktacular breakfast Mr. Gnome and The Bug went outside (in their pajamas hmmm) to carve the pumpkin.
It's pretty spooky, complete with strands of hair all around.
Now if that wasn't enough fun we then went to Ghouls in the Garden at the Botanical Garden. This year The Bug is Sally from Nightmare Before Christmas. She's had a hard month explaining this to too many people who have no idea. Sad and discouraging for a six year old. At the Garden though things changed. Many people knew who she was on sight; the Bug was thrilled!
Fantastic! This year was a bit of challenge for me. I like a challenge and it's become my favorite part of Halloween; creating her costume. The dress is all scrap fabric and I didn't even use a pattern. I'm a bit proud of that. I drew on the swirls, dots and stripes. Then did big stitches with embroidery floss. Her arms and legs are a shirt and leggings we found at consignment shops. We then drew on the stitches. I did the big lines then The Bug did the little stitches.
This year Mr. Gnome is going to be joining us for Trick or Treats! This is a first. To commemorate I finally made him a gnome hat. Can you believe it's taken me this long?
The garden was fun as always. They decorate various stations throughout the garden and it's always so creatively done. This weekend is also the last weekend this kids area is open for the season so they had the kids planting bulbs for the spring.

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