November 28, 2011


A month or so ago I started spinning again. I really just couldn't all summer long. Sweaty palms.
I was a little concerned that I would have trouble matching what I had already spun. But it came right back. Then it just flew by. I've even finished plying the stuff. With the long color repeats in this yarn I decided to try out Chain plying or Navajo Plying. It was really easy and I liked it a lot. It kept the colors all happily together. And I wasn't faced with trying to fit two or three times more yarn on my spindle. 2oz. fits on the thing wonderfully and this is all well and good when it's 2 oz of spun singles. But when I ply two or three singles together it becomes 4oz or 6oz and I just haven't figured out how to make all of that fit. I'm thinking I want a bottom whorl spindle. From what I've read they seem to be good for plying and they look like they have longer shafts.
Anyway; I made yarn! Pretty pretty yarn. Total of 262 yds around fingering weight. Maybe sport in a few places.
Hee pretty.

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jcg said...

Very pretty indeed.