November 6, 2011

Staying on

This year choosing a hat for The Bug was quite a challenge. She had these grand plans of roses being knit then sewn onto a hat. I had plans of super gluing it to her head so she wouldn't loose it. After much looking and lots of "Oh Mother!". We found Shapeshifter. The yarn is Drafonfly Fiber Sea Sock, a wool/seacell blend that I happened to have and is the perfect Bug color.
She can wear it as shawl with a hood.
As a scarf with a hood.
When she pulls it off it hangs there without getting lost and still looks quite cute.

It's all held together with buttons. The Bug loves the button jar. Really who doesn't enjoy exploring a button jar? She got six buttons holding the hood. Then there are two more on the neck bit to button into any of the many button holes. She has had a lot of fun playing with the different ways to button it. Making it a fun dress up, practical, and cozy bit of winter wear. Have we found the perfect hat for this kid? Ask me again at the end of winter when we asses whether she's lost it or not.
Morning glories acted as our backdrop in today's photos. These suckers grew all summer covering this bit of the rail on our porch. There are so many blooms! Today was so far the best day for them. Lovely bit of color for fall.

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R said...

Very, very cute. I want one of those for myself.