December 14, 2011


Every year the question arises: What should we get my dad for Chanukah? Really every year. This year we thought we had it. At the Best of Missouri there are always lots of hot sauce vendors. Dad likes his spicy. But instead of hot sauce we thought we'd have more fun and get him a Bloody Mary Mix. So we did. Then I went to wrap it and happened to look at the ingredients list.
Really? Chicken AND Beef fat AND Roast Beef. Are there chunks of it in there? I don't want to know. Now dad does eat fish so the Worcestershire sauce wasn't too big a deal. Really why does this even need to be in here? ACK!
And more to the real question: Do I have time to knit him a pair of socks?

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bmkrepel said...

But look at that Vitamin A...6%!!!