December 10, 2011


Mr. Gnome works late and most nights. And most days. Today he had the day off; he didn't have to go to work until 5:30pm. He slept in a bit. Then we went for a walk. Watched a movie. Made cookies. Decorated the cookies.
Gingerbread Men and Babies to be precise.

To be more precise some are women. Some are breastfeeding and wearing their babies. I called these my propaganda gingerbread. There are Jewish Gingerbreads, Super hero Gingerbreads, a zombie.
And a ninja, and a broken mommy. All sorts of gingerbread beings; we do not discriminate in our gingerbread world.
After all this festivities we read Harry Potter. The latest family read aloud. Mr. Gnome got to chill and play a video game then sit down to a home-cooked meal. And ate a gingerbread; there may not be discrimination but that doesn't make it a safe place for those tasty little beings! All before he went off to work.
That is how we weekend.

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