January 1, 2012

Off with the old sock and on with the new

I did not finish my socks before the new year. Sad. And scary because the car is now acting possessed.
I finished the hexagon socks this morning. There they are all hexagoney.
It is constructed in such a way that the heal is even turned using the hexagons and how you attach them together. So only the cuff and toe are not hexagons.
I also finished Boysenberry Yo. They are almost where they belong. This is a horrible picture. The previous picture shows the color way better.
Then at knit group I cast on for the New Year's sock. The latest and last pattern in the Cookie A. Sock Club of 2011. It's Sanguin Gryphon's Bugga. Getting this package resulted in a lot of Oh!'s. It's when I found out that Sanguin Gryphon is splitting up, there was a card from Cookie, and that adorable project bag you see in the picture. I have loved this club. The excitement, the patterns, the yarn, the cookies! And because I won't be going to a yarney thing this coming year; no Sock Summit, can't make it to Maryland Sheep and Wool, I renewed my membership! So this is not the end!

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