February 13, 2012

Never Trust a Weather Man

Do you see all that stuff that has fallen from the sky? So much The Bug's Zoo class was cancelled. It's crazy out there!
Ummm....Yeay....I'm a bit annoyed that nothing has fallen. Really I wanted it to snow that multiple inches they have threatened us with. We haven't had a real snow yet this year and that is sad. What is winter without at least one good snow fight and snow angel?
On the bright side Mr. Gnome's sweater has grown by inches and inches. The body is complete and now I'm just knitting away at the hood. I was able to try it on him last night and it seems to fit well. The button band still needs to be knit so it's not an exact thing yet but I am hopeful. It's supposed to have a pocket on the front. Mr. Gnome said it doesn't need it. We'll see I'll ask again sooner to that point.
Oh those terrifying flakes!

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