March 6, 2012

The Madness: Rnd 1

Yes my pretties it is that time of year again! Sock Madness!!!! 7 Rounds of competitive knitting plus one optional round. Optional, ha!, like there is an option for the obsessed!
Round one was/is Dicey. In which we roll dice to determine whether to cable.
Oh and you know I love random. So you know I loved this sock. I didn't go crazy knitting it. I slept, fed the family, showered. It's only round one after all and we have two hole weeks to complete the socks. I finished there babies in just over three days.
Being that this sock required dice; I used three one for each cable on each needle, I devised this bit o' genius for carrying them around without loosing them. Oh heck, let's be honest, I would have lost them sitting in one place on the couch. This solved that problem. It was however a bit loud when I'd shake it. Thus stopping my fellow knitters at knit group in mid sentence for them to stare and ask what in the world I was doing. My answer: Sock Madness. Really I think it's all the explanation one needs.
The yarn is Becoming Art and the picture of it there with the dice is probable the best representation of it. Nice jewel like purple. I got it at Sock Summit last summer.

1 comment:

jcg said...

Pretty color.
BTW, you're a bit crazy, I'm very proud.
Enjoy the Madness.