April 28, 2012


Cascata is finished.  Wow fast lace!  I could really knit this anywhere not too hard to follow.  But cool and I really like it.  It drapes nicely and isn't too big.
It's not as open looking as the original.  I never did check out my gauge.  Though I think I must be pretty close considering the size.  This yarn is a heavier lace weight; I think that's the deal.  It's a bit more everyday usable like this and works well as a scarf as I found out yesterday when it was randomly only in the 50s. 
Pagewood Farms yarn bought a year ago during a yarn fume induced debacle.  I'd gone in to find sock yarn for sock madness.  It was a new store.  It was near the sock yarn.  Got it home started winding it.  Realized it was not sock yarn. One year later it has made a lovely shawl. 
This is number three in the 12 Twists in 2012.  If  I'm crazy enough to keep count. 

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