April 9, 2012


And It's not just about socks!
The Optional Round for Sock Madness started Wednesday. Optional, Bah, You know I'm knitting away on it!
It will have buttons and has a mock steek and zipper. Bit of a joke you see we always get ourselves in a tizzy wondering what craziness will be thrown our way. It's a neat pattern and I'm enjoying it. What I'm enjoying a sock? Crazy I know.
Then today I got the Cookie A. Sock Club Yarn. Lovely! Give me a shade of blue and I'm all over it!
And behind that lovely bit of yarn? That is just the result of thinning Half of the lettuce. Half! I still have two rows to go through! The last few years have been horrible for lettuce. I'd plant it, the squirrels would get all excited because someone else was digging so they'd dig it up. And keep digging and digging for weeks leaving no chance for the poor little seedlings to get started. This year I put cages over where I planted. Ha get at them now squirrelies! I had a lovely salad for dinner. The Bug was eating them right out of the bowl as I was pulling, before I even washed them.
See not all excitement revolves around socks.....just most.

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