April 14, 2012

When it's not

OH Dahlia. I had such hopes for you. You are so pretty with your lacy back and you neat construction. All trendy with the floppy front. But oh my lovely you are not a sweater for me to wear. You are lovely but you just don't seem to want to stay put on my shoulders. I need that in a sweater, the reliability to stay on me when I need you most. But you are just so pretty and floppy you want to do your own thing. And that thins just isn't working for me.
It has taken me months to make you all the while I was so excited to wear you. I looked forward to the day. Hoped for a cool snap so I'd still be able to wear you when I finished you in spring. But we were just not a match meant to be.
To the yarn I will use you again. I have plans. You will not be abandoned. But sweater, I bid you a sweet and regretful farewell.

1 comment:

jcg said...

Wow. It takes a brave woman to say good-bye.