May 13, 2012


 Still so happy with the garden.  We've had SO MUCH lettuce.  Really if you aren't eating lettuce with every meal you are in trouble.  Yes, even cereal.  Still getting around four strawberries a day.  Those get put straight in the mouth.
 Already have garlic scrapes on about half the garlic.  No sign on the other half; seems odd, but hey that's my garden.  The Lemon Balm exploded this year.  I need to thin it still.
The front herb bed looks luscious.  Lots of sage, oregano and chives.  The Lavender has been looking like it wanted to bloom for almost a month and finally has.  The bees are very happy about that.
Tomorrow's dinner will be a stir fry with snap peas, scallions and garlic scrapes all from our garden; not to mention some oregano and thai basil.  Can you stir fry lettuce?

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