May 22, 2012

Visiting and an Amazing Moment

We went to Virginia this past week to visit with my family.  It was very nice.  Mr. Gnome hadn't been there in three years!  The bug go to play with grandparents and her only cousin and  visit with two of her uncles.  Lots of good times.
These socks were knit on the car ride.  One on the way there the other on the way home.  Both finished a good state away from our destination point and a good hour before the sun went down.  How do people sit still?!
And then.  And then!  Round 6 came out.  Round 6 where only one person per team goes ahead.  The Highlander round if you will.  The round that knocked me out last year.  The pattern came out and I started knitting, then I knit some more and more and more then at 3:30am, 17.5hrs after the pattern came out I finished.  I'd been periodically checking to see if anyone on my team had finished.  I took my picture (not the above one a crumby night time one) and ran upstairs to post.  I wake up the computer and the internet wasn't working.  I cried, probably cursed, Mr. Gnome woke up and went downstairs to reset the router.  Now this could be all the time it takes for someone else to post.  20 minutes later I sent in my email and collapsed in bed.  Woke up four hours later to find I had indeed made it!  Seriously I have Never come in first for Anything in my life.  Shocking, amazing.  And I have a beautiful pair of socks with Beads!
Round 7 will be later this week.  The final five.  Can I tell you how scared I am????

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