July 30, 2012

I like blue

Mr. Gnome was off contract last week.  More on those adventures later.  But it did mean that on  the last day of his week off I Finally got him to take some pictures of me with some finished shawls.  
 This one I just finished a week ago.  Bigger on the Inside. You know I'm a dork and here is proof. 
 Lots of little tardises (tardi?) all over the bottom.  So cool! 
I used Socktopus in Navy and it is so soft and drapey; wonderful for a shawl!  Though it ran all over my hands like mad!  My needles are now black and I had darkened finger tips for days.  Oddly when I blocked and washed it it only ran a little blue in the water then rinsed clear right away.  Maybe it was my sweaty hands? 
The top is knit long ways then you have to pick up over 300 stitches on that stretchy floppy fabric.  Lets not relive those nights of frustration.  In the end it is great and I love it.  
This lovely bit is Trousseau and I finished it over a month ago!  Really.  The yarn is this rough silk I got at Maryland Sheep & Wool in 2010.  I say rough as in it's not super slippery and seems to be keeping it's blocking better than super slippery silk.  Not rough as in it exfoliates while you wear it.
Again it's blue. 

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Jog said...

Both of these are gorgeous.