July 4, 2012


 I seem to be making more yarn than using yarn lately.  It's been so hot, so very icky yucky hot.  And I've had such migraines because of it.  I just haven't wanted to do much of anything. 
 But I did spin yarn.  And plyed it.  All on my new baby.   It's 4 oz of BFL spun into singles and 4 oz of BFL/Mohair spun into singled.  Then I plyed them together.  It's about 150yds of lumpy yarn.  It does hang straight so it's not too over spun like I'd feared.
 No one can call it good.  Maybe ok in places.
Part of it was learning.  Part, I like to tell myself, was that this fiber had a lot of issues.  There were chunks that were just balls of fiber going every which way, not happily lined up and ready to spin.  Making it hard to use or draft.  And it seems the more frustrated I am that something isn't drafting out the faster I'll treadle.  Putting more spin into yarn that isn't going anywhere because I cant' get more fiber out to make more yarn.  Not a good reaction.  Need to work on that. 
Some chunks were so bulky they didn't fit through the orifice when I was plying.  That was another bit of a mess.  But it's yarn.  Mostly use able for something weird.  No idea.  You aren't really supposed to use your first yarn.  It's to look back on and see how far you've come, or something. We'll see.  I tend to be too practical for that....Would it be weird as a hat?
Also in the making yarn realm.  Though perhaps not as extreme as really Making yarn.  More prettying yarn?  I finally found another stainless steel big pot so I could try out natural dying.  Wooo! 
This is the first to be dry.  The base is some ancient yarn I found at the Upcycle Exchange.  Ok I don't know how old.  But it looked it and the company no longer exists; Yarn Market.  Anyhow.  Back at Sock Summit I took a mini class on natural dying then got some Allum powder and Quebacho Red Extract Powder.  Allum for the mordant and Quebach Red for the dye.  And viola there it is.  Way more pink than red.  Now who in the world could I make something pink for?!  Gosh.... so....hard....And in my usual practical to the point of insanity way I already know what I'll be making. 

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Jcg said...

I am very impressed.
Hope your migraines are retreating. They will get better, I promise.