August 11, 2012

Ravellenic Games-One Medal down

 Aphrodite is done!  Woo.  Submitted and and medals have been given.  Yay!  My first Ravellenic project.
The pattern was pretty simple, I did the small and it's a bit smaller than I totally like but wearable.  It'll be my first beaded every day shawl.  My other beaded shawl is huge and way too fancy. 
The yarn.  Oh the yarn!  It's Osborne Fiber Studio's recycled cashmere dyed with black beans (doesn't look like it exists anymore).  Really what is not to love about all of those words (well accept for the not existing part)!  So soft OH My Gosh soft.  And I love black beans.  I got it back at Maryland Sheep and Wool Fest in 2010.  Nicely marinated in the stash. 
Is it going to get cool enough for me to where these shawls any time soon?  ugh! 

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