August 7, 2012

Ravellenic Spinning

I do have a spinning project going for the Ravellenic Games.   Like I said if I only learn a bit during the games that is fine.  But, you know, finishing would be nice too.
 I got this roving at our knit group's holiday exchange and have been pondering what to do with it.  Spin it as is, keeping it as one long gradient.  Splitting the colors apart then spinning them barber pole like.  Or blending and seeing what I'd get from there.  Well the Ravellenic Games are supposed to about challenging yourself so I went with blending. 
I separated the colors pull a bit from each and card away.  The first bit I did was terribly slubby so back to YouTube I went. 
They are nice smooth rolags now.  It's spinning up very fine so I've decided this will be a three ply.  Never done a three ply so there is another challenge.  2/3 is spun into the singles.  I doubt I'll finish by the end of the Olympics. 

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