September 30, 2012

A New Sweater: Or Why Can't Mr. Gnome Take a Decent Picture of Me?

I mean Really.  Is it That hard to get a picture of me where I don't look like a poster child for some telethon?
So the sweater.  I meant to talk about how I was knitting the Shalom Cardigan while I was actually knitting it.  But it was all twisted 1x1 ribbing and then all stockinette.  And well, really, what can I say about that.  The big needles hurt my hands.  Thrilling stuff.
 Ok so I don't look weird in this picture.  Button from the lovely button jar.
But then he made up for that nice normal button picture with this.  I don't even know.  Anyway.  Back to the sweater.  The yarn was my Oma's; so that's really special.  She knit a bunch up until her stroke.  Though I seriously don't have a single memory of her knitting.  I do have a throw and a sweater she made me. 
Now the question.  Does the sweater fit me?  Not just the size because that seems ok I mean the style.  I feel like I'm wearing a football uniform.  Maybe it's the bulky yarn.  Maybe it's the yoke neck.  But I don't know.  Does it work?

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Meghan said...

i love the style of this sweater. i think it is the color that is so different. not a bad different, but just not what I am used to seeing you wear. i love that it is family yarn!