September 17, 2012

I woke up thinking about hats

A few weeks ago I woke up thinking about hats.  This was before it had actually cooled down.  I must have known.  September I decreed would be the month of accessories.  Since a month of just knitting hats would drive me batty.  And I'm horrible about getting around to the accessories I want to knit.  Hats, mittens, gloves.  All that fun stuff.
To start things off I knit some convertible mittens.  I loved my old pair so much they've been repaired a few too many times.  
 The pattern is Pink Sonata from someVogue magazine a while back.  I've been wanting to make them and the need has made it happen. 
 The yarn is some more ancient stuff I picked up at The Upcycle Exchange.  This stuff claimed to be moth proof on the wrapper but had totally been someone's snack.  I'll admit it.  I knotted the heck out of it.  There were three skeins.  I dyed two blue with the Wilton's (yes the same as the roving, what can I say, I like blue) and one with some Kool Aid Halloween something that turned out to be kind of purple.  The yarn was splitty and felt fragile while I was knitting it.  It grew like no one's business when I wen to block the gloves.  To save it all I lightly felted them by hand in the sink.  Worked fine; not great but they'll work.  The tops are a bit small because of the felting, short not small around.  But whatever I don't think most would notice. 
Then onto the hats of my waking dreams.  Or something like that.  Here's the Gnome Acres I'd spun knit up into a hat for The Bug. It's all chunky and orange with funny cute ear things.  Love it!
Just ribbing, then knit plain for a while, then some short rows to make the ears all sorts of sticky outy.  Bam a cute hat for a cute Bug.  And you know I did math so I'd use every last bitty bit of this yarn.
Now will I continue with this month of accessories?  I do have two more hats for Holidays gifts on my list.  And I've been wanting to make Mr. Gnome a new hat.  And then there are the beaded gloves......Or is this cooler weather going to convince me to start the Shalom Cardigan?
I'm afraid most of the decision has been made for me.  I don't have the right size needles for the cardiga (How can that still happen!?) and I don't have beads for the gloves.  Ah well Holiday knitting out of the way is a good thing....right?

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