September 23, 2012

In Our Backyard

There is a Bug sitting on a trampoline eating a cookie and reading a book.  There is a garden in recovery; including a rain barrel with actual rain in it.  There is laundry drying.  There is newly washed fleece drying.  Oh yes I said Fleece.  But more on that another time.
 Fall peas are coming along nicely.  There is also fall lettuce coming along.
The spring kale has decided to be fall kale.  This always seems to happen; I just go with it.  Some was in our dinner last week and more will be in our dinner later this week.
 The pepper and basil have mostly come back and are actually producing now that it's not so hot and dry.  Shhh don't tell anyone but just out of this shot is a single nearly ripe tomato. 

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