September 6, 2012

Onion Mystery

Budapest was the Mystery knit in July.  The premise was a knitter on a cruise finds an old book with this pattern in it.  I was going for the yellowed with age pages in the story. 
 Bam!  The above is more accurate.  This below is too green. So look at the above.  And wow.  I mean really.  That dye is from Onion Skins!  Really!  Never thought of onions as something so pretty and bright.  I've been so pleased with it I just stick in the face of whomever is sitting next to me and decree "Onions!".  Poor Mr. Gnome.
Allum mordant then cooked the yarn right with the onions.  I've been saving yellow and red onion skins for the past year.  All of these skins are from onions bought at the Farmer's Market.  Local dye.  I know I'm crazy.

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