October 20, 2012

Where Hexipuffs Happen

 Hexipuffs have been my portable project since April.  Being my portable project I'm always getting asked what I'm making.  I tell them part of a blanket and they look at it funny.  Ha ha ha.  It is only .1% of the blanket.  But I don't tell them that.  Complete strangers don't need to know I'm insane. 
 Hexipuffs happen in the car while The Bug is in Spanish.  Parked Car; see it's in park; chill out.  Listening to a podcast or audio book.  This can result in me talking/yelling/crying at the story while parked in said parking lot....sometimes with people walking by and looking.  These people don't ask what I'm knitting.
They happen while The Bug is at Great Green Adventures at The Botanical Garden. 
And so many more places.

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