November 7, 2012


Oh cooler weather and your soups and stews, how I love thee so!  This is leftover from last night's dinner.  Leftovers make the Best lunch!  Smokey Tempeh and Greens Stew from Appetite for Reduction with Sourdough Biscuits.  I've been playing a bit with sourdough lately.  I've done this on and off for a long time but this is the most I've used the stuff.  And these biscuits are Wonderful.  I mean I love biscuits anyway, so versatile, breakfast dinner whenever, and they come together So fast.  Usually I'll be making a stew and think, this really needs a bread.  20 minutes later we have biscuits.  And with sourdough you have the sour without the milk, which if nothing else is just cheaper.  Though they say it's also easier to digest.  I do know that it is hard to have just one. 

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