December 31, 2012

For the Bug

My brother got me a gift certificate to The Loopy Ewe this Chanukah.  This order put me into the yarnaholic's place they call Loopy Groupie.  Where you get a bag, a skein of yarn and a calendar of sheepies and have to admit, at least to yourself, that you've ordered quite a bit of yarn.  It's rather exciting!
This is the yarn I got, Lorna's Laces Honor, a Baby Alpaca/Silk that is wonderful to touch.  And so nice and warm.
I made The Bug the Honey Cowl in small and she really liked it.  A scarf that won't fall off and, perchance, won't get lost!  Oh let it be so!
I had enough left I told her I could make her some fingerless gloves (so she'd stop borrowing mine).  She said she wanted the kind of with the flip top mittens (so she'd stop borrowing mine).  With a button.  She was very particular that there be a button.  We picked out the cute little red ones from the button jar.  I think they were from a shirt.
I wasn't sure I'd have enough yarn so I made the mitts first then added on the mitten tops.  The button hole is a four stitch i-cord that then became a two stitch i-cord.  Then I kitchenered that i-cord to the two stitches left on the original i-cord.  Cute little tiny button hole. 

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