December 27, 2012

Wedgie for Mr. Gnome

 On Christmas Morning I finished Mr. Gnome's Wedge socks. 
The bumps make me think of caterpillars.  They tend to fall down and really look like caterpillars on his ankles.  The wedges are done with short rows and a bit of counting or at least paying attention.  Because of the garter stitch you don't have to pick up the short row wraps but I did pick on the double wraps.   I could see them.  And it bugged me. 
I like them.  Mr. Gnome wore them yesterday so we can guess he likes them.  All that garter stitch is nice and squishy and cozy.  I'm glad he'll  wear interestingish yarn and socks.
This leaves my sock needles empty for the New Year.  Now what will I cast on on New Year's Day?

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