February 13, 2013

A Hat of a Different Color

More of that working out of my comfort zone.  Fluffy wild yarn for The Bug.  Some friends bought this yarn for The Bug thinking that it was very Her. 
And it is!  I get the yarn and I'm all what to do what to do.
The answer turned out to be Elizabeth Zimmerman's Three Spiral Hat. You can only barely see the stitch pattern, well really you only see the spiraling YOs.  But because of those YOs and the decreases you can't see there in an angle to the stitches.  This angle happened to work perfectly with this yarn to  make it look like it's stripping.  When in fact it's a spiral stripe.  Cool huh!  Well I think it is. 
And so does The Bug.  She's been wearing it constantly since I finished it. 
Pictures I thought had been eaten by the computer but all of a sudden reappeared!  Taken at the zoo with those same yarn gifting friends.  And Lemurs.  

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