February 24, 2013

Long Challenge

 I was about to write that I started this in December.  Then I looked at my Ravelry page and saw it was November.  Long is right!  I do only work on it when Mr. Gnome isn't home; which doesn't act as a good excuse he's only home half the nights at best.  Also not when Fringe was on, or if I have some Dr. Who from the library. 
 The pattern is Athabasca.  I've mentioned a few times that I'm working on it but haven't really talked about it.  I'm pretty happy with my yarn color choice.  That's always so scary when choosing a yarn online.  I'm using the recommended Webs Valley Yarn Northampton just in different colors.  I love the colors used; blue.  But back when I ordered this they were out.  I've also made a conscious effort not to knit too many blue sweaters.  I've been doing this from the beginning to the point where I don't really have many blue sweaters.  More purple now than blue. 
Kitty thinks it's nice too.
Just most of a sleeve and the neck left to go!

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Arkay said...

Omg, your kitty looks exactly like my kitty! (i want to learn to knit, especially those hexipuffs.)