March 24, 2013

It's Spring! And I have the yarn to prove it!

 The yarn I dyed on the first day of spring.  In the snow. Maybe playing with warm wooly bits on the first day of spring isn't such a good idea.  Karmicly and all.
 It's an interesting study in different yarns and their ability to take color.  The one on the left was a natural color and much less processed, you could still feel the lanolin in it.  The one on the right is Knit Picks and so more processed and was bright white.  As you can see the more processed took the color more.  I'm pretty sure the oily lanolin protected the yarn from absorbing the dye.
They are not for the same project so this is fine and rather what i was expecting.  Unlike the snow.  The daffodils weren't expecting the snow either.  Ok, yes, we knew it was coming and all that but I didn't believe them. 

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