March 28, 2013

So I Can Wear This Sweater

 Since spring is only just now thinking about getting going it isn't too ridiculous that I have a newly finished sweater to show off.  A few days ago I finished Nantucket Red, or as I call it Nantucket at Night.   It's black...Night.... Not see?  Good.
Simple, goes with everything cozy everything a cardigan should be.  The yarn is Alpaca Soft, some stuff my mom was getting rid of.  It's a loosely spun two ply alpaca and a bit of B to knit with.  All wanting to be splitty.  I figured it would be going in and that it would also be drapey (Alpaca) and have no stitch definition (loosey two ply).  So I wanted something simple.
The pattern is for cotton yarn, which is also drapey so I figured it would be a good fit. It has a bit of lacy something some to give it some interest visually and while knitting.   I did adjust the sleeve length for full length because I had the yarn and a full length cardigan is more useful in my mind at least.
 I didn't put the clasps on and I don't think I will.  Hooks right across the bust line of anything don't really work on me.  I'm liking the cozy leave it open of it as is.

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ariel said...

Yes, you can wear this! It seems like the trend for cardigans is the open look so I say go for it. Real nice btw :)