March 21, 2013


 Supposedly yesterday was the first day of Spring.  Not feeling at all like spring I thought I'd try and force it.
 We painted flowers.  Fun print out I found through Pinterest. I didn't even pin it. just printed it right onto card stock I knew I wanted to paint it soon.
Dyed some yarn green.  It wasn't green enough after sitting so I had it go again this morning.  I think we are there now.
And I talked nice to the seedlings.  They needed the encouragement as much as the rest of us. 
We also went out for ice cream (forgot the camera) and I accidentally froze my sweater I washed.  I'd put it just outside the basement door to drip a bit, as it always. Then forgot about it until after the sun went down, as I always do.  When I did bring it in it was stiff as a bored.  oooops.

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jcg said...

I like your response to lack of Spring.