March 30, 2013

The Conclusion of The Mystery

 The Mystery is done.  Pretty neat.  Cables and colors and weirdness.
I feel that the gusset decreases need to happen a little faster since they are happening later in the foot.  It's about the arch before you start decreasing and I think most socks are done with the gusset by then.  Or maybe if one just has archy feet.

Anyhow it was a neat sock to knit.  I really enjoyed the different construct of it.  It's also been great to see everyone elses socks.  I really think that's what I like about a KAL the most.  Other people's takes on a pattern with color and all.  Really pretty cool.


Aimee Linder said...

Joelle, Hi.. this is Aimee.. from first grade at Matthew Patterson Elementary.. do you remember me? I was searching for you and found your blog.. great socks! You can email me directly at ..hope to hear form you. :)

Meghan said...

these are fun!