April 1, 2013


 Kitty bombed the photos.  To be fair she usually sleeps most of the day in this chair.  It's in the living room where she can see into the dinning room and kitchen.  It's also next to a sunny window and the front door so she can keep an eye out for birdies and squirlies. 
March did have fewer Purples though still a lot if you ask me.  Five green days and even a yellow day.  Sadly today, the first day of April will be blue again.  Ah well.  The ranges for these colors is about 6 degrees and it's fun how often the colors change.  If you look at other scarves on Ravelry some don't change often.  I guess it's climate.  There are pluses to constantly changing temperatures; an interesting looking scarf.
34!!!!!  Yes a  new record!  I have no idea what the big difference was!  I think it's a bit odd!  There is an "I" for our last name, a sun, a fir tree, one with funky buttons, one with some purls in the middle, an inside out one, one where I tried some different increases/decreases thinking it would look cool (it looks weird) and three with constellations of our corresponding astrological signs.  Phew.  New total 220!

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Tanya said...

what have i missed? you knit a row per day based on a colour code corresponding with the weather? cool beans!