April 18, 2013

The-Actually-Accidentall-Pretty-Small Slippers

The pattern is Ysolda's Not-So-Tiny Slippers.  But, due to attempting to get gauge with a migraine they are slippers for The Bug.  She did need new slippers having out grown her last pair.  But now I still don't have slippers without holes.  Many many holes.  Patches on patches are my slippers.  
 Ah well.  She is happy with them and has worn them regularly and really I'm not very good at getting around to wearing my slippers.  So where do the holes come from I ask? 
 These pictures were taken Monday.  A day At Home.  Oooooh.  Really it's an oooh it seems like it had been a while.  She jumped right into this free filled day.  Up top she was making a dinosaur time line, just because.  Just above she was looking up fossils on the computer.  Google image search fossil.  Pretty cool.
She read and read and made a book and just all sorts of stuff.  Oh I should tell you that she picked out and sewed those buttons onto the slippers.  That was nice.  I was pretty done with them when I finished and realized the real recipient. 

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