July 17, 2013

At least there is a picture of socks

Mr. Gnome is back at work.  The Bug has a half day camp this week.  So why do I feel like I'm drowning in things to do?
We've been out more nights than not so I haven't had my night time quiet knitting. We went star gazing, and saw some guy do weird jump rope tricks, and today is a worm race and tomorrow is the Botanical Gardens member picnic and stuff and things. 
The next clue for the MKAL comes out tomorrow.  All I need to do is bind off and I'll be done with clue 2.  It's a funky bind off so it'll take some time.  I've been spinning but I haven't been taking pictures for Tour De Fleece.  I actually finished the orange.  I'm concerned because I thought they were even amounts.  Though I'm not entirely certain about that.  This hank has 250 yds more yarn.  So I hope it was more...way more because the other explanation is that I spun it thinner and now it won't match.  And then I'll cry.  But I haven't measured the WPI yet.  I have half of a bodice sewn for a dress of the Bug.  It would be nice if I finished it before the end of summer as it's a summer dress.  I had planned on starting one of the Rhinebeck sweaters a few days ago in order to keep to my personal insane schedule.  I haven't even wound up the yarn.  We haven't gone Peach or Raspberry picking.  I think we may have totally missed Raspberries unless I can find a later kind, I know they exist.
Sunday.  There isn't anything planned for Sunday.
Until things happen.  Here are the traveling socks I spoke of.  Ugly things.  It was a dying with egg dye gone wrong.   First time using a sock blank and this is not what I'd planned on doing.  We each wrote our names on it and I wrote our last name along the bottom then drew a kitty paw print.  At least it'll mean something.  I'm afraid they may be a bit long as I don't want to stop knitting them before I've knit every one's name. 

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