July 20, 2013

I have no idea

 Around 600 yds.  250 more than the last skein.  Kind of strange.

Well I say I have no idea but I kind of do have an idea.  I had about 8oz of fiber.  I split it in half knowing I wanted to do a 2-ply yarn.  I started spinning one bit.  It was too much and wasn't going to all fit on one bobbin.  Should have known that really.  So I measured how much was left and split the other half at the same point.  Now see I never measured to see if I really had split it into four Equal pieces.  In my head they were equal but I had no reason at all to think this.  It's not really a big deal it just shows how my brain lives in it's own world.
 All the same I spun 950 yards and only need about 450 for the sweater.  I'm still so smitten with it.  I mean I'd Buy this yarn.
Clue 2 is finished.  I finished it the day Clue 3 came out and haven't had a chance to knit on it since.  It needs a serious blocking. 
First sleeves and then ties and then beads and then blocking and then in the fall she'll be able to wear it!

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