July 28, 2013


 Thursday we went peach picking.  In pants.  Pants I say!!!  Crazed weather.  This isn't even all of it.  I had to put another bowl full in the fridge; some didn't appreciate the drive.  Or my driving....
 We've made PPK's stonefruit salad.  Pickled Onions.  Need I say more?  I need more onions....  oh oh and those cucumbers are from our garden.  So is the lettuce but the cucumbers are a first this year. 
Tonight we grilled, summer squash kebabs and peach-sage kebabs.  I didn't put sage on The Bug's peaches and she was disappointed and asked for sage.  I'll take that as a food win!  Then we had peach s'mores. 
 Bit of a mouth full maybe should have cooked the peaches a little first. 
 But oh were they tasty! 
And of course 11.5 jars of preserves.  Two pints of strawberry-peach, 6.5 pints (one didn't pop it's in the fridge with the half jar) of regular, and three in those fancy blue limiteds that were given to me by an awesome friend. 
We've also dehydrated a bunch.  I've put them on the beet burgers we had earlier this week.  Amazingly good really, especially with some of those pickled onions.  There is a small pile on the counter still (of peaches not the onions; need more onions).  I do think I'll freeze a bit tomorrow. 

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