August 9, 2013

Knits at Sunset

Mr. Gnome is off contract for two weeks again. This past and next.  You know what that means; doing lots of stuff and hardly knitting.  Actually I started off the week with lots of plans and a migraine.  Fun times.  So up there I have the very beginnings of Alchemy.  Finally cast on did those measly rounds and I need to move to off the double points and onto a circular needle; of a length I do not have.  So it sits.  Monday we got the Cookie A. Sock Club yarn and patterns.  Oh so lovely as always.  The yarn is such a gorgeous blue; Miss Babs so of course it's gorgeous.  Then there is Lauralhurst.  That's the second sock and it's just sitting there while I knit more Shiny things.  Sometimes that's just the way it is.  Then Roseling I just started the second sleeve.  So just that one sleeve before the Steeking.  It's all good.  Technically there isn't a hexipuff on the needles I finished two at the park today. 
So there we are oh and the temperature scarf...guess I forgot about that.  We are caught up on it and everything.  It's huge so I guess I just didn't feel like dragging it outside.  And the traveling socks.  Knit more on those yesterday while we drove to and from Hannibal MO, the childhood home of Mark Twain.  So 7 WIPs. 
Dare you drag your in progress knittings onto your front lawn to be stared at by the neighbors?  Go on it's fun.

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jcg said...

I would drag mine out to the front yard too but it would take several trips.