August 18, 2013

Steeking for the First Time

 I had to delay the steeking party because of a headache.  Really ticked me off. 
 Last night I as finally able to STEEK THE SWEATER.  Thus the pictures are crummy; sorry.  The pattern suggests doing a crochet chain on either side of the to be steeked area.  
 Just getting started.  This is actually the best representation of the colors. 
 Half way there.  That's a Reese's cup up there.  Getting over a headache meant I couldn't have a celebratory Gin & Tonic so I subbed out chocolate. 
 All cut.  It liked how it just wanted to fold right under like a good lining. 
 Last night I did one of the button bands then did the other today at knit group. 
Inside view.  I was feeling a bit nervous especially at the top where the cast on for the sweater is.  It looked like it was slipping around more up there.  So I put it through the sewing machine as well.  No foot and the plate to so the teeth couldn't grip.  Not sure if it's really necessary but it's helping me breath easier.  The craziest thing is I couldn't try it on until after it was steeked.  Then I was afraid to be flinging it around until after the button band was on.  So I only just now got to try it on and thank goodness it seems to fit!  Needs a good blocking and I'm awaiting the buttons but the length is nice and it fits across everything.  I can't button the top button but I can't imagine ever wanting to.  The model doesn't have it buttoned so I'm guess that's a design thing. 

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