September 29, 2013

Finally Some Cookies

 I had some sort of mental block against these cookies.  It was probably the Ricotta.  They are Ricotta cookies and I just couldn't remember to buy ricotta.   So here they are finally one of the cookies from the August Cookie A. Sock Club Packet.  The others have nuts and I just don't do nuts and cookies.  These are really good all cakey and a yummy lemon glaze.  But they are also a little boring so here are some other pictures.
Kitty being adorable amongst the Legos.  This isn't a normal position for her and I'm not sure what she's up to.  Perhaps paying bowing to the skeletal horse.  Not sure if that is something to be concerned about....
 And a picture of The Bug.  This is after an art museum tour.  The kids were instructed to do a collage of things that are a part of their life.  She is thinking.  I was promptly told to stop hovering.  Sadly I'd forgotten my knitting. 

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