September 16, 2013

Knits at Sunset

The Back of Granville.  Both fronts are done.  woot.  I thought I was almost done with the back but then you knit the back of the hood which is 19".  That's a lot.  The Temperature scarf.  We are rather behind. A hexipuff.  It's purple...not too exciting.  And Larkspur socks which are still just sitting there.  Poor things.  Oh and Darn I forgot the bloody traveling socks!  I've also been forgetting to knit them when we are driving around.  Which isn't often so there is that. 
The in-laws are coming this week so I doubt there will be anymore blogging.  In fact I'm not even sure there will be much of any knitting either.  Maybe I'll do a knits at sunset next week and we'll see if there is any progress. 

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