September 4, 2013

Number four and some more

 Skein number four from the fleece.  Wooo looks likes all the others....
 Maybe you are getting a bit bored with all the white fleecey yarn....  Maybe I am too.....
 So BAM!  I started knitting it!  Wooot.  This is exciting.  It is really.  I won a Twist Collective Anniversary drawing; this one specifically.  It has been a good year for the winning of the knitting swag.  I choose Granville as the Twist pattern and there will be yarn, a project bag and a pattern booklet.  It was all very fortuitous.  I had just finished The Bug's vest and new I wanted to start this sweater; and thus had to buy the pattern.  I just happened to check my FB other box and there was the message from the Twist people saying I'd won.  All of a sudden I had the pattern I wanted and more coming besides.  Very good year for knitting wins indeed. 
But the excitement of finally knitting this stuff.  I started washing this fleece a year ago and started spinning it at the end of December.  Four skeins and 8 months later here I am knitting the stuff.  I am so pleased with how it looks too.  It looks like yarn and is knitting up into something that looks like knitting.  That cable looks like a cable.  It all seems to real.  I guess it is. There is enough fleece for one last skein; and I'll need it. 

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