October 18, 2013

Into the Woods

We are in NY.  In this adorable little cabin in the woods.  Really in the woods.  
 The Bug enjoyed exploring the woods as soon as we got here.  One of her dreams is to cross a log that is spanning a river above a water fall.  She is practicing. 
 Last night she got sick.  Most of the night up and down.  Ugh.  She's doing better today.  Back to her explorative nature but not interested in too much food.  As long as she is ok by tomorrow.
 We hiked around in the woods and looked at the creek and trees and mossy rocks.  Mossy rocks are such a staple to the New York Forest.  And such a great tie in to the Ice Age stuff we've been reading about lately.
 Oh then the inside. Sometimes you just enter a space and you think; these people are neat.  I think I'd like these people. 
 Neat old eclectic decor.
 Useful and a bit creative.
And a bit quirky.  It's pretty cute.  Today we are going to take picture of the sweaters.  I'm honestly less that impressed with both of them.  sigh.  Tomorrow we see the sheepies!!!!!

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