November 13, 2013

See Sea Monster

 He is done.  Oh what is it about knitted toys?!  They are so cute and look like they'll be so simple.  And I fall for it every time.  I was all oh it's just a tube with short rows.  Cake.  Well it's a long tube with lots and lots of short rows and then lots of flippers to be knit and Then sewn on.  And then more flippers....  But he is done.  And still in time for Thanksgivukkah.  Hope the Nephew likes it...or at least knows what it is....
When being forced to pose with a serpent one must make appropriate sea serpent noises.  The yarn is left over from The Bug's Mermaid costume from years and years ago.  He is pretty cute and is the finishing bit of my Chanukah making!  Well I still need to make gift bags.  But first I need to look and see what I have.  But that means looking into the Holiday Boxes and well it's not even mid November and I just can't do that yet.  But I need to so I have time to make the bags I need.  Oh I'm thankful this Thanksgivukkah mess is a once in life time thing (and not just because of how hard I have to think just the spell  the thing).


Jcg said...

Very cute! He'll know what it is.
I agree, this Thanksgivukah thing is throwing me off.

R said...

That is freaking awesome!